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About The Department

Economics is concerned with human and social activities. It is the science of understanding the material aspects of human life. It is necessary to have a specialist knowledge to understand the complex economic problems that arise from social change. Economics Department aims to provide our students with the theoretical knowledge that will enable them to solve problems they will face at home and abroad. This program has been designed to prepare students for private and public sector careers at which they will have to be creative problem solvers. Core program has been supported with courses from other disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, business law, and computer science. Our graduates gain the skills necessary to solve the multidimensional economic problems.

Our department was established in 1997 at Cankaya University with the aim of training economists who would have the tools that would be useful in solving the economic problems related to our everyday life.

Faculty in the Department of Economics at Cankaya University are all renowned for their contribution to their fields. Students are also assisted by teaching assistants outside the classroom, and by the faculty during their office hours. We value the cooperation, harmony, and unity between the students and faculty members as highly as good teaching. Our priority is to train individuals who can think independently, communicate well, and defend what’s right by way of creating, expanding, evaluating, and sharing knowledge.

In the Economics department we offer compulsory courses such as core economic theory, economic policy, international economics, accounting, public finance, computer science as well as a variety of elective courses in the final year. Some of the elective courses offered by the Economics department in the final year would be useful in preparation for public and private sector exams.

Our students who graduated since 2000 a are successful economists in the business world, and many of our graduates are pursuing academic careers at home and abroad.

Our computer labs are accessible continuously. Cultural, artistic, and athletic training programs are also offered.

Our main purpose is to train economists who understand economic theory well, competent in analytical thinking, competitive, and employable in private and public sector.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates can find work in wide-ranging areas. The knowledge that they gain during their undergraduate years enables them to specialize in any field they like. Our graduates can work in any organization that does some work in fields like public finance, environmental economics, economics of education, agricultural economics, industrial economics, urban economics, labor economics, energy economics, development economics, welfare economics, monetary economics, banking and finance. Job opportunities in foreign trade, international communications and transport, tourism, international banking and related fields are also available.