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Welcome to Economics Department of Cankaya University

The Department offers a four-year undergraduate degree in Economics and, a Master’s degree in Financial Economics. Language of Instruction is English. Those students with inadequate English are supposed to attend one-year English Preparatory School before starting their undergraduate study. In addition, in every semester of the undergraduate program, there is an English course named Academic English to further improve their English especially regarding important concepts in Economics.

Using English as the medium of instruction enables most recent books in the world to be used as the textbooks without waiting for years for their translation into Turkish. Also, English as medium of instruction makes it easier for those students who want to do their graduate study abroad to get admission.

The main objective of our department is to graduate students with an education at world standards given by faculty members with degrees from good universities and publications in nationally and internationally recognized journals.

Courses taught in the department include Economics Theory, Economics Policy, International Economics, Accounting, Public Finance, Finance, Money and Banking, Game Theory, Statistics, Econometrics, Computer Skills and other relevant courses. In addition to these courses, students are also offered several elective courses from which they can select based on their interest. Variety of courses offered enables the students to find a job both in the public and private sectors.

Students in the Economics Department are allowed to do a double major or a minor in another program in Cankaya University.

Through Erasmus student exchange program, students also have an opportunity to study one or two semesters at a university in European Union.